Project Description
We were thrilled when Target hit us up to help bring some wonder to the masses. Flavor created a magical promo for the launch of their new Wonderpacks offering this holiday season.

Project Details
Client: Target

Target Wonderpacks

The Wonderpacks consist of 12 different curated gift packages, nay 12 wonderfully curated experiences. Experiences that are far more than the sum of their parts. What better way to explore these Wonderpacks than by creating a wondrous factory that showed the packs being created and shipped off to their lucky recipients. This job was a blast that pushed us into some playful and surreal territory bringing this story to life. We also have a ton of hidden easter eggs in the spot that speak to the various items in the Wonderpacks! These ads will be bringing wonder and joy to your Facebook and Instagram feeds through the holidays. #sorrynotsorry. What wonder will you discover?