Project Description
Well this was a fun one! Flavor and our new pals at FORTNITE collective in Boulder, CO partnered to create a beautifully cinematic journey for, a website geared towards DNA analysis products. In the story we follow a young woman who has just used the services to powerfully unlock the secrets to her DNA. Her “path” manifests before her leading her towards better lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise, and sleep habits while also teaching her about her ancestry and what her future children might look like. Shot in Chicago by Flavor director Jason Cook, the film plays out a couple of days in her life, as she subconsciously follows her DNA path around the city and at home, utilizing the new information to her benefit. This was an amazing collaboration and partnership, and we are super proud of this campaign! Jason is honestly a little nervous to find out how unhealthy his cheese habit is, so he’s on the fence about getting his DNA sequenced. Ignorance is bliss and that..