Project Description
Our friends at Global Team Blue, formerly Team Detroit, came to us with a major challenge. Create an entirely CG open desert playground for the new 2017 Ford F150 Raptor to show off all of it’s new features. We jumped at the opportunity and crafted a story that tapped into the passion and culture of the off roading community. The truck barrels across different desert environments until time freezes and it purposefully deconstructs, to communicate important messaging. This was such an amazing project to produce as it put us in unfamiliar territories and forced us to come up with creative solutions on the fly. This film was done with three offices and an incredible team of CG, VFX artists, and designers and animators. The best part was this was the first CG car spot any of us had done that was not about making it beautiful, but about the visceral experience of driving the new Raptor. That meant getting down and dirty with texturing and many different dust and dirt simulations.

Ford – Raptor

Ford Raptor :15

Ford Raptor can be outfitted with loads of bells and whistles to help you tackle any terrain. Check out a quick glance at just one such feature. Visit the Ford website to learn about other features that help Raptor make make any environment your personal truck playground