Executive Creative Director

Lori is a Design and Illustration graduate from College for Creative Studies. As Executive Creative Director at Flavor Detroit Lori oversees designers, animators, CG artists and compositors. In addition to mentoring young talent from her days as VP-ECD at Universal Images to ECD at Postique, she designs original looks for national brand campaigns like Navy, Cadillac, OnStar, Ford and Blue Cross-Blue Shield. From traditional illustration to visual effects and design, Lori’s love of fine art is prevalent in everything she does. With an inspiration early in her career from a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, she has found a love and appreciation for Van Gogh and other impressionists and has traveled the globe to seek their work. She has earned an outstanding reputation as one of the best in the business. From painting murals in her student days in various nightclubs and Joe Louis Arena to her work showcased in the gallery; Society of Illustration Museum in NY to contributing and winning numerous awards. She is inspired everyday by the new growth of designers changing the culture as we see it.

Executive Producer

Dave Peyton received his Bachelor of Science degree in communications from Northern University with minors in photography and business. During his senior year, he started working at Producers Color Studio (“PCS”) in graphic design and animation. As the years progressed and technology evolved, he began to specialize as a compositing artist working on the Quantel Henry, which was only the second of its kind in the country. He worked at PCS for 10 years as before making his way to GTN, now known as RingSide Creative (“RSC”). When Dave moved to GTN, he helped build the graphics department from the ground up. He brought in skilled artists and built a team that was comprised of CGI, After Effects and Retouching; while he himself began working on the Flame. These additions, along with Dave’s personal experience with clients, drove a lot of business to GTN and helped launch them to be a leader in graphics and visual effects arena. Because of Dave’s love for coffee and persistence of new technologies and client relations, he quickly became the manager of the graphics team and received the title of Director of Visual Effects. Over the years, Dave’s passion to expand the company’s creative reach helped lead RSC to expand into offering production services. Dave’s unique background as an artist and in-depth understanding of both production and post-production, made his move into his current position as Executive Producer an easy one. Dave loves problem solving and figuring out the best approach and path for projects based on needs, services and budget; all to create the best outcome and solution for the client. When Dave is not in the office, he loves spending time with his family, fly fishing, cooking and visiting his cottage on Lake Superior. Dave is most proud of being a dad, as well as his ability to adapt to changes in this ever-changing medium. He is looking forward to applying his background to new ventures, new relationships and solutions for business growth down the road.